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Recognizing the stress and aggravation that can come from confusing and complicated medical bills, Medical Bill Support, LLC was started with the mission of providing medical billing advocacy for clients. We seek to provide accurate, understandable medical bill information, and to advocate and negotiate on behalf of our clients when required.


A message from Maureen Lamb, the CEO and Founder of Medical Bill Support:

Medical Billing Advocate

Maureen Lamb, Medical Bill Support, LLC

When I was hospitalized several years ago, I was faced with a pile of medical bills. During a time when I should have been focused on healing myself, I had to spend countless hours talking to billing and insurance departments. I learned quickly how complex and overwhelming medical bills really are.  I decided then that I wanted to help other patients like me who were navigating the “billing maze.”
If you would like to find out how I can help you, please contact me directly,1-888-544-5562 or maureen@medicalbillsupport.com. I am also always interested in hearing from and connecting with people like me who are working to improve healthcare and empower patients. 


Maureen Lamb was a regular contributor to Nerd Wallet, has been quoted in multiple U.S. News and World Report articles and The LA Times and is a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.  She has a background in Information Technology, has worked for Fortune 500 Companies and currently serves as a CASA for Children volunteer.


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