Free Healthcare IPhone Apps for Consumers

Free Healthcare IPhone Apps for Consumers

Free Healthcare IPhone Apps for Consumers

IphonejpegNeed an app to find a doctor near you or research costs for an upcoming surgery?

Check out these IPhone apps that can help simplify your healthcare needs and research.

WebMD Health tools

This app that provides a wealth of health information including a Symptom Checker. This app also let’s you look up various medical conditions, medicines, and tests Woman Doctorand procedures. You can also search for a physician, pharmacy or hospital near you or in an alternate location that is very helpful when you are traveling. An especially helpful first aid section with a link to call 911 for emergency situations is included.


This is another app that helps you find doctors in your local area as well as where hospitals and urgent care centers are located with their directions and phone number.  hospital






It also had an extensive section on medications  pills


which advises you about such things as possible side effects, usage instructions and what to do if you have forgotten to take a dose.

You can find doctors in your area based on the specialty you are looking for. For example you can search for a listing of cardiologists in your area with their contact information.

When you install this app it asks you to set up an account which can store your medical and insurance information. However, you don’t have to set up an account to use this app.

There is a news section that provides helpful healthcare advice for consumers including tips on saving money on your medications and some ways to avoid surprise out of network medical bills.

save money on your medical bills

save money on your medical bills


To help you save money on your medical bills and get cost estimates for medical procedures and tests you can you use the Healthcare Blue Book and Fair Health Cost Estimator.


Both of these apps let you obtain cost estimates for various medical and dental procedures based on a given location. Healthcare Blue Book is somewhat easier to use but Fair Health provides the CPT (Common Procedure Terminology) codes which are helpful when you are discussing medical bills with a billing office.


All of these apps were easily installed through the App store and provided technical support by email or phone.


So, what’s your favorite mobile healthcare app?

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