We get answers and advocate on your behalf. 


Do you have problems with out-of-network bills? Need help with appealing health insurance claim denials? We can help!
  • We help educate you about your medical bills and insurance statements (EOBS) and advocate on your behalf.
  • We review your medical bills for errors and for fair and reasonable pricing.
  • We make sure your insurance company paid your claims correctly and file appeals for your denied claims.
  • We tailor custom reports to provide you the medical bill information you need
  • We want to save you money and let you focus on your health.
We work directly with your employees or your Human Resources staff.
  • We educate your employees about their medical bills and insurance statements (EOBs), resolve billing errors, appeal denied claims and negotiate discounts on bills.
  • We want to increase your employees’ productivity, decrease the burden on your Human Resources staff and save your company money with our Medical Bill Advocacy services. 
  • For self-insured companies, we work with your Third Party Administrator (TPA) to evaluate and reduce your healthcare expenditures.

Contact us to learn about our pricing. We offer a free initial evaluation of your medical bills.