We have saved over $100K on our clients’ medical bills.  


Excerpts from Client Testimonials:
From M.B., Illinois: 
  • “I was uninsured at the time of my accident and didn’t know how I would be able to pay my $10,000 hospital bill. Medical Bill Support was able to get a discount of over $7,000.”
  • “Made me feel comfortable discussing my case.”
  • “Positive attitude and professionalism.’
From B.J., Maine:
  • “Medical Bill Support guided me through the detailed process of uncovering the errors on my hospital bill.”
  • “With the help of Medical Bill Support, I was able to save $5,100.”
From B.W., New Jersey: 
  • ‘The expertise that you had in the medical terms and procedures that I was not familiar with was very helpful.”



Learn more about navigating the medical billing maze on your own in this Medical Bill Support article, or contact us if you would like our help in getting answers and advocating on your behalf.